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Awesome Entrecard Contest: Football SquaresIf you are using Entrecard, then you have to participate in this contest. It’s run by Sam Freedom’s Internet Marketing Controversy Blog, and is one of the most innovative Entrecard contests to date. And you don’t even have to know anything about football to win HUGE (I’m a total sports newb, and I still won something last game!)

You can find all the details in his post, 10 Solid Reasons Why Football Square Entrecard Contests BLOW Ordinary Entrecard Contests AWAY! (He’s not modest :P)

It’s a sick contest, and is definitely worth the 400 and/or 500 credits to enter (only 2-3 days worth of dropping). Plus you get some nice backlinks, so buy your entries in the Entrecard Shop now, and add to the ever growing prize pool!

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