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BacklinkSpotHere is a very cool little tool I found today. BacklinkSpot is a site that uses Google custom search engine to find blogs that allow dofollow links in comments. This lets you get backlinks from blogs in your own niche, and raise your rankings in the eyes of search engines.

Right off the bat though, I have to say that if you are going to use this tool for the sole purpose of building backlinks, then you definitely won’t get the most out of the system, and probably end up looking like a spammer.

Actually read posts on blogs in your niche that you are interested in, leave a meaningful comments, and you will learn a lot of great info at the same time. In fact, I’m sure you will find lots of inspiration for your own writing as well!

Don’t forget, you will also be establishing new connections in the blogging world at the same time. Favorite, bookmark, or subscribe to blogs you enjoy, and you will be able to comment and join in on discussions more often. Make friends, collaborate, network!

Now it’s kind of like the backlinks you originally went out to get are just a bonus ;)

Of course, there will be skeptics to this kind of system, as it reveals targets for black hat spammers who mass comment for links, but nowadays, most blogs have anti-spam protection or moderated comments, so I don’t think this should be a big problem.

I see more good than evil coming from a site like this. It’s only a month old, but I have a feeling it could become quite popular in the future. You can also submit your blog if it is dofollow and not listed yet.

Give BacklinkSpot a shot, I’ll bet you will see a lot of good come from it! It might take up your whole day though :P

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