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Hexatrack Review - A True Tracking Hybrid?Hexatrack is a service that incorporates two very important functions for running successful PPC campaigns; keyword spying and conversion tracking. I’ve been a member of their Pro program for over 2 months now, and while I was going to wait a little bit longer to review them, they have decided to soon shut their doors while they upgrade their systems, so your time to get in is limited.

Hexatrack Free Signups are now closed.
1$ for first month of PRO subscription promotion ends Thursday June 12th
Use Coupon Code: bestweekendever

Keyword Spying

The first major function of Hexatrack is the ability to spy on ad campaigns. You begin by entering in keywords with their keyword fetcher, or by creating a custom list of keywords. The idea here is to base these keywords around a core term. Once this is done, you start the project, and wait a few days to see some results.

What Hexatrack does is monitor all the Google ads that are running for each keyword, including their ad variations, ad placements, days running, and other keywords in the same ad groups. This allows you to find ad campaigns that are profitable, which you can in turn mimic. It can also help you figure out if a niche has earning potential.

The main way to determine if an ad is profitable is to check how long an ad has been running; if an ad runs consistently, and they are affiliate marketing (i.e. not huge companies with money to blow), they are most likely making money. You can then examine their ad placement & projected bids, as well as other keywords they are targeting, and the landing pages themselves, and see if you can do it better.

You could find weaknesses in their campaigns, and pounce! Essentially, you are finding where the money is, and going after it. That’s a whole lot better than taking semi random stabs in the dark, trying to find a winning niche!

With every keyword, they also bring back estimations for clicks per day, cpc for the top spot, number of advertisers, and a clever little “profitability score”, which they invented. While I’m not really sure how accurate it is, it gives you a ranking from 1 to 10 based on how profitable a keyword may be. It gets this from the amount of advertisers with consistent advertising patterns. The source data seems good, but I would always check keywords out in more detail myself before putting my money in.

Overall, the ad tracker works very well, I just have a small complaint. It can take a few minutes to fetch the ad tracker data, which is sort of annoying, and occasionally errors will occur making you retry. On the plus side, they have announced that they are implementing a way to update this data within the dashboard, so you can do other things while it loads.

They are constantly upgrading the systems with new features, including international ad tracking coming up soon, so I think this is a fantastic tool, and could really help anyone find opportunities online.

Conversion Tracker

I haven’t had as much time to experiment with this, but basically it’s a keyword conversion tracker. Now, if you talk to any successful affiliate marketer, they will tell you that tracking conversions on a keyword level is an absolute necessity; and I certainly agree. This tool takes it even further though, adding referral data, time stamp, ip address (to detect click fraud), and more.

You can also use this for any affiliate network, so long as they have a tracking id field, which pretty much every network does. You can also track your own personal website sales, and email campaigns.

The tracking links you create can be a bit strange, with javascript onclick redirects, but you can also use self hosted php redirects, which I like a whole lot better. There is also a direct linking option, so you don’t have to have your own landing page (of course, having one is always better :P)

It’s definitely not a bad tool, although I would like to see a few more things from it. Again though, they are frequently updating this system. Right now, I can see them working on a neat feature that will automatically build landing pages with your Hexatrack tracking codes built in. It’s not working yet, but it definitely sounds interesting.


Hexatrack is trying to establish themselves at the complete PPC membership program. So they are also working to include lots of training for Pro members. While they haven’t released anything that major yet, spare their free Hexatrack Success Guide, they do have some big plans. I know very soon, probably right after they close their doors, they will release a new strategy called PPC 2.0; it should be very interesting.

Pricing / Pro Membership

Hexatrack Free Signups are now closed.
1$ for first month of PRO subscription promotion ends Thursday June 12th
Use Coupon Code: bestweekendever

This special offer allows you to pretty much get a free month, as well as the training they will release soon, and your price will be locked in at $147 a month forever. At $1, it’s a steal for the value they will provide for that one month.

Free signups are now closed; but at $1, there is no reason why you shouldn’t sign up to give it a shot. Even if you cancel, the content you will get in that one month will be more than worth it.

- Ad Tracker is a fantastic tool
- Frequent Updates
- Good Conversion Tracker
- Training materials add even more value

- May be too expensive for some (still worth it though)
- A bit slow fetching data, but they are working on it.
- Some uptime issues (down for an entire week once, but massive server upgrade should fix that)

The Yimto Verdict: In The GREEN!

Check out Hexatrack today before they close their doors to new members and upgrades!

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