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Weird title I know, status quo was the only antonym for revolution lol.

Niche Revolution is a PLR (Private Label Rights) membership program created by Brad and Matt Callen, who you probably have heard of. They are also responsible for Keyword Elite, Seo Elite, Affiliate Elite, HyperVRE and so on. Sure they have the credentials, but are they able to create a good PLR program.

In concept, yes. In practice, NO.

Yes, they do deliver on their promises. The program offers you 2 “professionally researched niche products in the form of eBooks each month”, as well as sales pages, fully designed sales sites, and an auto-responder series for each product. That is one of the major benefits of this program, as most PLR comes in raw form with no sales tools. You also get 200 PLR articles on 10 different subjects, along with custom made adsense sites for each subject.

The quality of all this stuff I’d say is poor to decent. The program is limited to 600 members, so you are not competing with too many other people. I was a member for 3 months, and put a lot of effort into selling some of these products.

Ok, everything above, they deliver. You do get exactly what is promised to you.

But now it’s time to unleash the beast.

There are so many problems with this program I don’t even know where to start. First of all, the eBooks are virtually impossible to edit, since they give you source files which are in some strange .qxt format or some crap, which can only be opened by a $700 product. So forget about renaming your products and/or branding them, which takes away from the whole point of PLR.

Next, the so called “$7000″ sales letters that accompany each product are almost ALL THE SAME. They take a LOT of work to edit to make it look proper. Also for the graphics of the sales page, forget about editing those too because you don’t get a photoshop file or anything, just a couple of .jpg files.

Next, if you want to just throw up their pre-made adsense sites, trust me when I say don’t waste your time. The articles are of pretty poor quality, and would take a lot of rewriting in my opinion to become respectable. So 200 PLR articles a month sounds amazing, but they pretty much suck.

To me there is no real proof of the validity of their niche research to determine what products are part of the “Niche Revolution”; they seem like fairly obvious titles to me, nothing that will really separate you from the field.

Next, yes there is more, the worst part of the operation is the cost. $67 a month is very expensive in my opinion for this. But they seriously commit a crime against nature by telling you only AFTER you join that should you ever cancel your membership, you have to pay a $167 fee to retain the selling rights. This is absolutely ludicrous highway robbery in my opinion.

Last but not least, I can share my personal experience. I chose a weight loss product to market to the best of my abilities for a month. By spending about $100 in PPC, as well as having a #1 most viewed article on EzineArticles, I had almost 1500 visitors over the course of the last 3 months.

Let me tell you, I put a lot of effort into the sales page, testimonials, promo prices, bonuses, the works. It did not suck.

I ended up making 3 sales, 1 which refunded. I couldn’t believe it. That brings my conversion rate to 0.001%. Amazing.

Bottom line is, the program doesn’t work. I’ve lost like $400 on it, and trust me when I say when I canceled the service, I didn’t give those greedy guys a penny more for the rights to keep selling. All the time it took to make these sites, all down the drain.

- They deliver what they promise, on time every month.
- They promptly cancelled my subscription when I asked

- Sales letters suck
- Articles suck
- Cost sucks
- Misleading price
- Just Doesn’t Work.

Yimto Verdict: In The Red…

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