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There is a lot of debate over whether Google imposes penalties on duplicate content in their search engine rankings. I would personally be inclined to say that the penalties are probably not as strict as people think they are, but they are there. It makes perfect sense to me that they would be, with the thousands of spam blogs, or splogs, copying everyone else’s content.

Most people are just to lazy to create a meaningful unique website, and instead rely on copying other works and using black hat SEO techniques to try and get search engine rankings. This is the stupidest thing to do in my opinion, because these sites don’t last, period.

Same thing happens with PLR content, people are just way too lazy to rewrite and edit PLR, so you end up with hundreds of people posting the same content on their websites. Why shouldn’t Google discourage this?

Anyways, if you believe that Google’s duplicate content penalty is enough to harm your affiliate marketing efforts (and I hope it does), then these tips for rewriting content should help.

By the way, I have some PLR website tests running, so I should be able to bring you guys some interesting data about duplicate content in the future.

Synonym Replacement Tools

There is a wide variety of these tools, but honestly, they aren’t so great. If you are looking for the automatic rewriting solution, and you think that this tool will help you do it, think again. Here’s an example of a free rewriter tool online that I tried, and the results.

Test Text:
“There are many people who dread having to write papers or articles. Many just feel like it seems to be too much work and it all just goes to waste when no one reads the. To some people, reading articles seems like work to, especially if the article is boring and very bland. Well, articles are supposed to be read, that’s their purpose to impart your message and information. If it is not read then it is a waste of time and effort.”

Synonym Replacement Results:
“There are many folk who apprehension having to publish papers or articles. Many just look like it seems to be overly more job and it all just goes to squander when no one reads the. To some folk, reading articles seems like job to, particularly if the clause is boring and really bland. Well, articles are supposed to be learn, that’s their aim to convey your content and data. If it is not learn then it is a waste of moment and attempt.”

Pretty bad eh lol. It would take more work to write a completely unique article than to edit something like that.

If you use a non-automatic synonym replacement tool, like WordFlood, you can have better results, but it still takes more time than it’s worth.

Summarize Trick

You probably haven’t heard of this one before; I just heard of it a week or so ago, and it’s actually pretty interesting. You need Microsoft Word to use this trick.

The concept is that you copy paste about 2-3 articles with similar general topics, then use the “Auto-Summarize” option under the tools menu, and it will output an article that has parts of all 3.

It doesn’t actually rewrite any sentences or words, but the article as a whole is totally different. You still have to read and edit it a bit to make sure it flows (that’s the part that’s lost in translation), but it’s actually a pretty neat trick. Whether or not Google deems this as a new article is still unsure, but to me it looks like a plausible method.

I am running tests on this method right now, and again I’ll be letting you guys know my results.

Use PLR for Non-Web Content

If you want to avoid the Google duplicate penalty all together, then the solution is simple. Use PLR to create a free PDF report, or an email series or e-course. Then Google cannot issue you duplicate penalties, because it’s not on your site content.

Here’s a neat trick. If you don’t want to put unique content on a site to attract SEs and get rankings, then use a PPC campaign to send people to a squeeze page where they sign up for your newsletter. Then you can give them a bunch of information (as well as some affiliate promos here and there), all slightly modified PLR to fit your voice.

The chance of actual people knowing it’s duplicate content are slim to none. Just make sure the PLR is actually good :P

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