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Winning the Web ContestAnother gigantic contest has surfaced within the Blogosphere, and it is run by Gyutae Park of WinningTheWeb.com

This is probably the most valuable contest I’ve seen to date, he is giving away HUGE prizes. In fact, there are over 20 prizes worth over $200 (some worth almost $1k!) There is so much great stuff here, things that can really help you with your affiliate marketing and blogging here.

You just have to see the prize list for yourself, so visit the Winning the Web Contest Page now.

There are loads ways to gain entries into the contest, and he’s adding many other ways to do so on an ongoing basis in the form of “Contest Clues”, which are just little tasks which you can do to gain additional entries.

This is actually a great way to run this contest, it’s interesting and he’s able to get the most participation possible. Although I’m sure it’s gonna be a huge task counting up all the entries for each person, especially with the huge exposure this contest is getting :P

It’s really super easy to join, heck I’m grabbing 10 entries just by posting this!

Your chances at grabbing a piece of a huge $12000+ prize pool have never been better, so check out the Winning the Web Contest Page and enter now!

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